Mike Cook... Is the originator of the GoWorld Project and its primary events including IGW (International GoPro Weekend), Far Side Project and GoPanoramic. Mike came up with the idea for GWP in 2012 with the initiation of the first ever IGW. While brainstorming ideas for a collaborative video project it dawned on him that an easy way to orchestrate a video project on a worldwide scale was through the use of GoPro cameras. Because the IGW concept became such an instant hit Mike decided to initiate other GoWorld "Projects" for fans to engage in.

Mike is a social worker by day and he absolutely loves his job, helping drug addicts and people with mental illness. When he's not at his W-2 job or working on GWP he enjoys skiing, snowboarding, telemarking, hiking, biking and the occasional skydive. On a constant quest for knowledge he would never turn down an opportunity to engage with another human being so that he could teach, learn, love, and laugh. And, what better way than with GoWorld Project?!?!



Tyson Preyer... Is a good friend of Mike's and helps out with GoWorld Project by making appearances as a consultant and special guest editor. Ty has helped editing with IGW2012, Far Side Project 2012, IGW2013, GoPanoramic and will ultimately help edit IGW2014. In addition, Ty films for GoWorld Project and its production company Negative4 Productions.




Guest Editors at GoWorld Project...

Sebastien Barrier




Justin Brunner



Ralf Kamin





Our favorite friends and supporters of GWP



The Bitches; So named for the shipwrecks they have coursed, a line of rocks situated between Ramsey island and the Welsh Mainland creating some of the most challenging and exciting white water in and around the uk. A Hot spot for thrill seekers and nutcases alike.

It all began with a video camera and a two friends wanting to film locals surfing, mountain boarding, skating, biking and pretty much anything you can do in the sea or on land. Eventually these videos made it on to the Internet, and became quite a well known.  Then they had the idea to put some of the pictures and drawings on T-shirts to try and sell around the town. And so in January 2011 The Bitches was born. We’re still pretty young, but we’re hoping the future will bring good things.


Human Spirit of Adventure... A place for adventurers to gather... The Human Spirit Lives! HSA is a page that is dedicated to those who love Adventure Sports... Mountain Biking, Surfing, Kayaking, Climbing, BASE Jumping, or any other adventure sport, we love them all and will share our stoke with you!  Post stories and photos of your adventures and share them with the world!


BigAirMedia© are a group of dudes who just love to have fun and live life!


Egyptsean Productions, your one-stop, full service videography specialist. We convert your events into viewable history! We specialize in multiple angle videography in 2D and 3D formats. Our projects include on-vehicle, in-vehicle, aerial, panning, and fixed viewing angles with PIP correlation and musical effects coordination. Give your Real Estate or Auto Dealership the aerial advantage with our spectacular low elevation filming techniques. When hosting a big race, keep the action alive long after the event with our special multi-angle race videography formats. At Egyptsean Productions, if you can do it, we can film it, so you can share it, again and again.


Sketch Skateboards started as a garage-based company in 2008, founded by Taylor Watson. The slogan “Your Life” was developed to promote the creativity and individuality that one possesses with their own life and style. Working with talented artists and creative individuals is something we enjoy and pride ourselves on in order to give the skate community a sense of participation and excitement in the products they ride. We produce skate products with maximum performance, from supreme quality skateboard decks with vibrant graphics, all the way to apparel that contains materials so soft that you don't even feel it when you skate.


Babah Fly has been a staple in the Denver Hip-Hop scene since 1998. With his uncanny ability to speak the TRUTH and drop knowledge over his uniquely crafted beats, he started making a name for himself performing in underground graffiti art venues around Denver. Babah Fly studied under Jazz trumpeter Ron Miles for a number of years while attending college at UCD majoring in music production and engineering. Known for his classic, true school and progressive Hip-Hop style, Babah Fly was called a Denver Hip-Hop Icon by The Westword in 2009.


ShredReel is a collaborative platform for organizing, finding and sharing videos from the slopes! ShredReel.com