My name is Alex and I am an equestrian hobbyist and narrow boat dweller in beautiful Oxfordshire in the UK. My horse, Pigeon, is a 16 hand Irish Sport Horse mare, born in Cork in 1998. I have owned Pigeon since November 2009 – my first foray into owning a horse as an adult with all the associated expenses! Although she was originally bred and trained to show jump I decided to try competing her in my favourite discipline of eventing. This tests the all-round ability of horse and rider by combining dressage, show jumping and cross country jumping all over one to three days. On the whole she took well to the new challenge of eventing (although I’m still working on the pesky dressage). She is very trusting, fills me with confidence and just loves the galloping and jumping across country.

I first rode with a borrowed GoPro at the end of the UK eventing season in September 2011. I found the footage of our speedy run around a small local cross country course so entertaining that I couldn’t resist buying my own GoPro (unlike most horsey folk I love my gadgets almost as much as my equine friend)! That first upload to YouTube became very popular and I was soon being asked to share more videos of Pigeon’s iconic ears.

And so in 2012 armed with our GoPro we headed out to compete and train more. My next big breakthrough moment was falling off wearing the camera… twice in ten minutes! Not quite what I had planned for this cross country lesson but it gave my YouTube channel a massive push. GoPro liked the video and shared it on their Facebook page leading to a couple of thousand views (and some interesting comments) over night!

Since then A Horse Called Pigeon has snowballed as the international following of Pigeon Fanciers continues to grow day by day! I have added a website, as well as Facebook and Google+ pages, and was honoured to be a finalist in the category ‘Best Use of Social Media by an Amateur Horseperson’ in the 2014 Equestrian Social Media Awards. 

I am ridiculously excited about participating in IGW for the first time in 2014 and showing that equestrianism is an adrenaline sport too. It is incredible to see what the various contributors around the globe get up to over one weekend… IGW is truly making the world a smaller place and building a formidable community I feel privileged to be a member of! I can’t wait to see what Mike and Sébastien come up with this year. With my edits being so undeveloped it’s fascinating to see our footage in a new (and way more cool) light!