Hello.  My name is Justin Brunner.  I currently live in Huntington Beach, California but I love to travel.  I spent 3 months last summer trekking across Europe and got some amazing footage while I was there.  My love for filming and editing began in 2005 when I made a 45 minute long skateboarding video called Sick Juniors.  Since then I have filmed, edited and stared in multiple videos mostly centered around my love for extreme sports and daredevilry.  I’m currently working as an editor at Sullen Clothing.


I wanted to get involved with the GoPro Project because GoPro has been my camera of choice for a couple years now and I just want to be a part of the GoPro world. GoPro has completely revolutionized mobile filming and further fueled my passion for it.  I hope to keep filming and editing as long as I can and maybe even make a career out of it.  



Contact info:
Justin Brunner
Instagram: GrandMasterNoFlash