Marc Mallolas


My name is Marc, I am an adventure lover addicted to outdoor activities. I spend most of my free time travelling and shooting videos at anything I find. I am 23 years old and I have visited over 35 countries in the world. My belief is that we can learn more about ourselves when we are away from our comfort zone.

In the many trips I have done over the world I have never been anywhere not worth visiting, no matter how good or bad the situation we can always find the bright side of it and live the moment, enjoy it or at least learn from it.


Two years ago I bought my GoPro Hero 3, silver edition, it seems out of date right now but the truth is that it still works perfectly well and I can take it with me everywhere I go. I don’t need to worry about the space in my bag because I know it will fit. The beauty of travelling comes when the unexpected happens, and at that moment I always make sure to have my GoPro camera nearby and start shooting immediately.

When I travel, I have always tried to do it out of the beaten path, with my backpack following me. I try to visit places that tourists don’t even know that exist and try to find the beauty of the small things in life. This way I have had the chance to meet local people with whom I became friends and I have kept in contact, some I even went to visit them again. The friendships that you build on the road, on your way to some destination rarely vanish when you have reached that destination, they sometimes even grow stronger for achieving the destination together.



I was born in Barcelona but I am not sure about where I belong. Travelling showed me that the world is too big to say you belong to only one place, one country or one culture. I want to say that I am a citizen of the world and that the world out there awaits with exciting new things to me.


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