Tom Janssen


Through stories, we tell the world. 

If we want to share our most precious memories, what better way than having our story unfold to the people we care about? For centuries, we told them by means of art, being it music, paintings or poems. In this era, we have the power of film besides us.


I’m Tom Janssen. A humble boy born in little Belgium. Lacking most majestic nature in this little country, I spend my younger days watching documentaries on National Geographic channel. They would carry me away, mostly in the wonderful waters beneath the surface. So I set myself a goal, wanting to explore this world. I became a diver in my free time and so started my interest in the many species that inhabit these waters. From there on, I studied biology and now I’m running for my masters in the Marine and Lacustrine science. 

I love everything that has to do with water. Being it scuba diving, snorkeling, skimboarding, surfing, sailing… I can’t get enough of it. But then I found out about these cameras, allowing you to capture your memories and be your own hero. Sounds familiar right?


After spending a year filming with my GoPro hero 2 and being the amateur I was, I created Lucky Studios. This time I would improve and set out to tell my story, as well as the story of many others. 

Sure, there’s a lot of improvement to be made. But I never thought it would be so much fun making these videos. And getting your footage featured by the GoPro channel, well it makes it worth all the while! The more I learn, the more people I meet, the more I want to be a creator. Next up, I’m trying to make videos with as much people as possible, showing everybody their passion in life. For me it’s all about sending a message and getting it out there into this huge world we live in. 


For the future? Well, I hope I can join my passions together. Telling the world about nature, especially the underwater world is my goal. I’ve come this far already, and I’ll keep on dreaming!