Luke Hively

Luke Hively made his first 86 skydives in 1983 in his mother’s womb and grew up on an airport as the child of two accomplished skydivers. His parents were his heroes, because “… they could fly”, and it was only a matter of time before he would follow in their footsteps.



He started skydiving in 1999 at age 15 and began BASE jumping in 2004. With over 2,500 jumps, he has earned a silver medal (Freefly) at the U.S. National Championships, two gold medals (Freefly), and five largest formation records (Freefly & RW). He's a Freefly Organizer & Coach, Wingsuit Organizer & Coach, SDU Coach, and USPA Coach. Vehemently seeking “new experiences” and adventure with his best friends, Luke believes “sincerity and passion” are what lead to happiness. When he's not flying, his day-to-day activities include mountain biking & rock climbing. Luke is one of the original members of the GoWorld Project community, and we are honored to welcome him as part of the GWP family.



(photo credit: Joe Ridler)



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