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CrOoKeD sPiNe ReCoRdS LLC is the creative afterbirth of Bob Foxx and his friends.  They hope it melts your face... in a good way. 

Bob Foxx is a self proclaimed wobble bass enthusiast from the future.  A unique voice in EDM, his music rests squarely on the border of of time and space.  He wields a wide style and approach that is known to purvey funky darkness with a hint of twisting metal.  Sometimes referred to as 'a quick draw rythmist', Foxx's syncopated, fractal beats tell the story of a life and musician in flux.  A visit to his studio, "The Wormhole" in Brooklyn, shows a window into his production mind and artistic thinking.  Both are a jumble of cables and connections.  Real time and mental circuits shuttling pulse and wave between machines and ideas.  They all combine for a greater message of a thumping off-kilter sound that bends genres and raises spirits.  Foxx's eclectic yet danceable live performances embellish dark-techy soundscapes with accents of Electro, House, Industrial, Breaks, Drum and Bass, Minimal, Hip Hop and even Big Room Techno.

Bob Foxx's professional credentials span: dj, engineer, producer, composer, label manager and many walks in between.  His unique productions have been featured in global product and advertising campaigns and invaded the ears of many thousands.  He's released dozens of albums including remix projects for Public Enemy and Slam Jamz Records, Thought, Oh Land, Bury Me A Lion and even popular children's cartoons.  Bob has brought his dynamic live sets to venues in a dozen countries including: appearances all over New York City, the legendary Womb Club [Tokyo], multiple terrestrial and internet radio appearances and several stops in Ibiza.

In 2005 Foxx and friend's founded Crooked Spine Records LLC.  Since then, CSR continues to blend the barriers of Techno, IDM, EDM, Experimental and all types of 'House' music.  You can find out more about Bob and his evil plans @ www.crooked-spine-records.com & www.BobFoxx.com

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