Official Trailer - Turkey Boogie BASE Event - Sneak Peek!


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Produced/Edited/Directed - Negative4 Productions & Tyson Preyer

Arial drone shots - DroneCru:

Killer Soundtrack by NiT GRiT -

Filmed & Appearances by: Sean Chuma, Travis Tripp, Tom Garyson, Ryan Higging, Owen Searls, Marco Poko, Superdave Minnesota, Will Mitchell, Anthony Kimball, Chris LaBounty, Rich Webb, Chris Mort, Shea Elliott, TJ Setzer, Mark Cromer, Kyle Lobpries, Matt Johnston, Kat Donahue, Sean Karandy, Matthew Steer, Nicholas Reyes, Matt Pereira, Jeff Smith, Matt Moore, DroneCru, Mike Cook and Tyson Preyer.