What is GoPanoramic?  GoPanoramic is a space where GoPro enthusiasts can share their wide-angle view of the world.

How do I submit a panorama to be featured?  If you would like your panoramic photo stitched and featured, follow these simple steps:

1)   Find a compelling 360’ scene.

2)   Stand in one place holding your GoPro in front of you, keeping in mind that your GoPro will never be moving relative to you.

3)   Take a picture. Rotate in one direction enough so that the next picture overlaps your previous one by 10-20%.

4)   Continue rotating 360’ taking a total of 5-10 pictures.

5)   When you're ready, click the submit button at the bottom of this page and follow the simple nstructions for transferring your files.

It's that simple... you take the photos, we do the stitching!

After we stitch your photos, we will then post your panoramic GoPro photo on our Photosynth channel for the world to view. The first time you visit Photosynth, you will need to download a free plugin which is made available on the their homepage.


This promotional video will give you a visual sense of how to take your 360’ panoramic photo, as well as how to navigate Photosynth...


Submit Your Panorama